Buried Memories: Katie Beers' Story download pdf

Buried Memories: Katie Beers' Story

Buried Memories: Katie Beers' Story
Pages: 320
ISBN: 0988860597
Format: pdf, epub, fb2, txt, mp3
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Buried Memories: Katie Beer’s Story is a recount of Katie Beer’s childhood. From being sexually, physically, and emotionally abused since the age of two, Katie had to learn how to be tough. Her toughness was challenged when she was kidnapped near her 10th birthday by a family friend. She was found 17 days later in an underground bunker. This 1992 tragedy hit headlines around the nation. The book is about the abuse, kidnapping and the recovery of Katie. It is told by Katie, Carolynn Gustoff (the author), and Katie’s therapist Mary. It has been 20 years since the kidnapping and Katie felt that by publishing a book that it would help with the healing process.

The pros out-way the cons very much so. The author put a lot of time and effort into describing Katie’s experiences as a child and Katie is very straight forward about what happened to her. The only con would be the how the book is organized. But it is super easy to get into! I would recommend this book to anyone. It is very sad it makes you feel angry at the world, but by the end you feel like you really know Katie and you want to give her a big hug.

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