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For Always
Pages: 262
ISBN: 1463660219
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ARC copy generously provided by author in exchange for honest review.

This is somewhat of a hard review to write because my feelings about the novel changed throughout the storyline, the end being very strong and emotional.

The book begins with Stephanie Barrano in her freshman year. She meets Jordan, a senior, and she falls hard quickly. The problem I had with this is the age difference. In my experience, a senior boy would not take a second look at a freshman girl unless for unsavory reasons. My doubt here washed away when more realism was added, Jordan obviously shows feelings for Stephanie but tries to distance himself from her because he is uncomfortable with her age.

Their relationship is very sweet and powerful, especially toward the end. They face so many hardships and problems and it really is a test to see if they can prevail through it all.

At first I thought the twist of her being a "death magnet" was a little too paranormal for this novel but then I realized it was not really meant literally. Bad things just happened to her and she always blamed herself. Jordan looks past this and is always there for her, even through other boyfriends.

Stephanie decides to wait for Jordan as long as it takes, it is in her senior year where the story picks back up again. They both are in separate relationships and when tragedy strikes, they are pushed even farther apart.

Stephanie is just a normal girl who was always surrounded by death and wanted someone to love her. This is a very emotional story and once you really get into it you might shed a tear or two and really think about the meaning and how realistic this story is in the end. A real, true relationship must be worked and fought for. I was glad Stephanie and Jordan's story followed through with this.

Give the whole story a chance before you make a decision on how you feel about it.

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