Aphrodite's Workshop for Reluctant Lovers pdf

Aphrodite's Workshop for Reluctant Lovers

Aphrodite's Workshop for Reluctant Lovers
Pages: I love this book! It's just so funny. Here are some of my favourite bits:

Words were dangerous things. Once let out they took on a life of their own, pulling consequences along with them, reproducing, prompting reactions, making solid that which had been shadowy and only partially formed. Words, once spoken or written, chased your illusions away.


I'm not sure I would equate romance with communism.


"Do you think Robert Mugabe is at peace with himself?" I asked. "There he is, tyrant of the year, destroying his country, impoverishing and imprisoning his people, torturing his opponents and yet, and yet he has the most incredible skin for a man in his mid-eighties."


Of course I believe in love. But romantic love ... Yes it is delicious, a delicious madness that cannot, indeed should not, last. Yet people enter into lifelong commitments like marriage and co-parenting on the basis of it, which is about as sensible as buying a house because you liked the pretty flowers in the hall.


Maggie looked as sympathetic as a woman who had named her bank account Saehrimnir possibly could, Saehrimnir being the roast pig in Valhalla who, having been consumed at one feast, renewed himself in time for the next.

ISBN: In Aphrodite’s Workshop For Reluctant Lovers Rebecca Finch, the newly crowned Queen of Romantic Fiction, goes off for a weekend in Paris having accidentally left her lover behind on the Eurostar platform and finds she has a wonderful time on her own. When not long afterwards her god-daughter, struck with an attack of pre-wedding jitters, asks for re-assurance, Rebecca finds herself unable to help. Has Rebecca, whose entire life is spent spreading the joys of romantic love, no wise
words at all for a young woman about to walk up the aisle?

After a few moments’ thought Rebecca’s reply comes, ‘Better luck next time.’

Her god-daughter breaks off her engagement, Rebecca’s own relationship crumbles and she has, what her agent calls a ‘Ratner moment,’ live on national television, advising her readers to stay away from her books as they ought to contain a health warning.

Up on Mount Olympus Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, rages. Divorce rates are soaring, love is being brought into disrepute and she is beginning to lose the respect of her quarrelsome family. It isn’t helping that her son Eros is going through a difficult phase, being careless in his work, shooting off his arrows without even a thought for the compatibility of his victims. So when even Rebecca Finch, a woman who used to be such a credit to Aphrodite, turns her back on love in the most public of ways, the goddess of love determines to take action. Rebecca Finch is to be taught a lesson and love will be shown to triumph once more.

Or so she thinks...

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This was kind of cute. I thought it was a bit of a throwback to some of the author's earlier work, with more whimsy than Frozen Music or Shooting Butterflies, which are my favourite books by her.

This was probably a bit too quirky, actually, for me, what with Aphrodite and Eros actively entering the fray, but the marriage stories that she included as Rebecca searched for tales of happy marriages, actually help anchor the story down as they were quite realistic and, I think, showed some of the common relationship problems like taking a partner for granted, lack of respect (sometimes mutual), and failure to value and cherish the person since living side-by-side, even with a common cause, is not enough to keep love alive in any form, let alone a romantic one. Some great observations and well-written.

The story wrapped up quickly, as now seems typical for the author and I wish she would stop as I enjoy her writing style and don't appreciate the rushed feeling and rapid endings. This is probably not a keeper for me and maybe a part of that is that I have been waiting for such a long time (since 2004) and this was a bit light and brief.

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